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I am a mixed media artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in London, I developed a certain grid-like, city-dweller perspective, expanding and shrinking at every 90-degree corner. This flexible, geometric sensibility still governs my work. At the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, I received a classical training that instilled in me a strong sense of order and technique, yet one that is currently inflected with a variety of modes and materials. My encounters with nature have also informed my practice. Much like my tendency to break stride at the first sight of a park, my work is fluid and spontaneous. Organic ambiguities, spherical and amorphous motifs feature prominently in my canvases. My approach is structured, yet left largely up to the natural and chemical properties of the media I employ. In my art making, I seek to convey my personal experiences, our collective consciousness and the elements that bind us to the natural world. Ink reacting on the surface of a canvas symbolizing the peculiarities of an emotional state; back-lit canvases encouraging our aspirations to brighter, lighter narratives.



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